Twitter is testing a fresh ‘Undo Send’ feature for tweets


It seems like social media giant Twitter is trying out a lot of things. Currently, it’s said to be exploring a new “Undo Send” feature for tweets.

As shared by Jane Wong on her Twitter account, the company is testing a new feature to unsend tweets. Specifically speaking, it’s called an “Undo Send” option.

There are already many other experiments that the platform is carrying out in the last few months.

Twitter is trying multiple things!

There were rumors previously, but now it looks like they might turn out to be true eventually. Soon, this may announce the “Undo Send” feature regarding the tweets.

A recent tweet of Jane Wong shows it very clearly, as you can see above. She discovered the animation of getting the button to unsend a tweet. It confirms that a tweet is sent while also giving the chance of canceling it.

This new feature might not be what the users have wanted because most of them are still curious to see the simple “Edit” button for every tweet. It’s so usual to find it on every other central social media platform. It’s just not there on Twitter, unfortunately.

Coming back to the “Undo Send” option, it’s quite similar to Gmail’s. The latter offers a chance of canceling an email after you send one.

Since last year, Twitter has been actively working on bringing many recent changes for its users. Firstly, the introduction of “Fleets,” similar to Instagram and WhatsApp’s “Stories” and “Status.”

But not every experiment has resulted in a positive reaction from the users.

The growing controversies

When it comes to unexpected experimentation and modifications, then the social media tech giant has gone through serious heat in the past months. And even now, it’s witnessing an adverse reaction from its followers.

It’s because of some weird features that it’s trying to implement in the future. While “Fleets” was heavily mocked, the “Super Follow” feature just aggravated the users’ angst.

Twitter recently announced that it would bring an option to generate its revenue so that it won’t have to depend on ads for all its earnings.

What it eventually did was introducing a “Super Follow” option last month. It’s not yet officially rolled out, though.

Since the day of its announcement, however, most of the service users have expressed colossal disappointment. They are not at all happy with what the social media platform is doing.

According to people of the internet, this feature is just a way of locking Twitter into a subscription-based format. And in the future, anyone who wants to follow someone else will have to pay a monthly fee to see their tweets or any other activity.

The company also faced a backlash from its users, who ran a #RIPTwitter to show their reactions.

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