Twitter labels COVID-19 misleading Tweets, Trump not exempted

Twitter labels COVID-19 misleading Tweets, Trump not exempted

Twitter now labels all Tweets that could mislead the public on the COVID-19 crisis. The labels and warning messages will not exempt even President Donald Trump.

Twitter on Monday announced that it would label Tweets that could mislead the public on the authentic coronavirus status. The social networking site issued the announcement on the company blog.

Twitter labeling on misleading Tweets

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity, gave instructions on the scope of the labeling. He said that every Tweet that is opposite the advice of public health experts would be labeled.

Roth specified that they would even affix warning labels on Tweets containing media if they contain misinformation. This will include updates with images and videos and even contents where harm is not obvious.

Twitter’s move enhances the company’s previous step in removing Tweets with misinformation. The networking site’s previous announcement said it goes against Tweets promoting physical harm, conspiracy theories, and panic.

Shortly after the post, Twitter was flooded with questions from reporters. Queries if the company’s policy will include President Donald Trump surfaced.

Twitter discusses the scope of labeling misleading Tweets

The Twitter representative immediately responded with a clarification. He said that the company’s policy would apply to all.

Roth stated that affixing labels on misleading Tweets will apply even to contents from world leaders. He specified that the President of the United States is not exempted. Twitter’s response was a significant clarification for the public trust.

The social networking site was alleged inconsistent in implementing its coronavirus update policy on the POTUS. In April, the President allegedly gave suggestions to ingest disinfectants to cure coronavirus.

He also promoted an unproven COVID 19 cure according to reports. Last summer, Twitter announced that it would label Tweets that broke its rules. The company said that it covers posts from world leaders.

Yet, after President Donald Trump posted Tweets against four progressive Democratic congresswomen, the story changed. Twitter did not label the said Tweets saying that the racist language that the President used was not against the company’s rules.

However, people familiar with Twitter’s written policies believed that there was something wrong with the decision. They see the conclusion to contradict the company’s written policies.

In March, Twitter tried to stand by its rule of labeling the Tweets that go against its rules. It labeled a video retweeted by President Donald Trump as manipulated media. The video was originally from Former Vice President Joe Biden. After labeling the retweet from the POTUS, Twitter received criticism from Trump supporters.

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