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Twitter lets employees work from home even after COVID-19 lockdown


Twitter told its employees that they can work from home permanently. The instruction applies even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Twitter on Tuesday announced that all its employees may choose to permanently work from home. The announcement said that workers do not need to report to their offices even after the lockdown lifts.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter Chief Executive Officer sent an email to all the company’s employees. The email specified the option they are given now that it been months since the work from home implementation.

COVID 19 caused companies to implement work from home model

Twitter employees started working from home in March shortly after the coronavirus scare spread across the country. They were among the first companies to implement the work-from-home model.

Along with Twitter, companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook started the implementation in March as well. The said companies encouraged their employees to perform their official duties at the comforts of their own homes as part of their contribution to the COVID 19 mitigation.

Amazon and Microsoft gave their employees until the end of October to continue working from home. Facebook and Google, on the other hand, will have to implement the said policy until December.

Work from home does not harm the Twitter operation

A Twitter spokesperson expressed the company’s confidence that its employees will continue to be a strong workforce even without reporting to their offices. The spokesperson added that the past few months proved that they could make the work-from-home model work.

Twitter said that the company emphasized decentralization and to support a distributed workforce. This means that their employees are capable of function working from any place.

Dorsey, however, clarified that there are certain departments that they cannot afford to allow working remotely. Twitter will still require employees to maintain servers and employees on other positions requiring physical presence to report for work.

Twitter’s return to work plan

Reports say that Twitter is taking much caution in its return to the work approach. Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s Chief Human Resource Officer revealed the company’s step by step work return plan.

She said that opening their offices will be in their control. Returning to offices, on the other hand, will be based on their employees’ decisions.

The Twitter Chief HR Officer clarified that they will not open their offices until the end of September. She assured the public that the process will be office by office, careful, intentional, and gradual.

Finally, Christie confirmed that Twitter will not hold any in-person event for the rest of this year. As for 2021, the company will assess the possibilities by the end of 2020.

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