Twitter now supports voice Tweets, social media platform expanding services for iOS

Twitter now supports voice Tweets, further expanding its services

Twitter now supports voice Tweets for limited iOS users around the world. It will roll out the feature soon in all iOS users after the test.

Twitter has had a colorful past in recent years. It started out as a platform for instant updates on people’s lives. Tweet characters were limited to only 140 characters. Several years after its birth, the company decided to increase the character limit to 280.

Now, people can say twice as much as they’ve wanted before. Now, they are taking their game up a notch. Besides having video and image Tweets, some users may now bring thoughts and convert them into voice tweets.

Twitter now supports voice Tweets

Twitter announced via their blog post that some iOS users may soon enjoy Tweeting without typing. The company excitedly showcased the newest voice tweeting feature on the app. Just like typed Tweets, voice Tweets also have a limiter.

Twitter’s voice Tweets only have a 140-second timer, which immediately cuts the Tweet recording. Nevertheless, users may opt to continue recording and set up a thread of their thoughts. The voice thread will become one cohesive series of Tweets that will be credited to the original poster.

The rationale for launching voice Tweets is simple. The company said:

“There’s a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.”

Possible uses for voice Tweets

Being able to Tweet hands-free is a huge innovation. Tweets can be sent out faster and in real-time. This feature will be quite beneficial for news coverage on live events that do not allow videos nor pictures to be taken.

The new voice Tweets will also allow innovation on podcasts and new music releases. Soon, teasers on freshly produced music may be launched via voice Tweets. Also, podcast snippets or previews may also be launched on the platform using the new features.

Twitter on the hotseat

Twitter has been on the hot seat for the past few weeks because of fact-checking U.S. President Donald Trump‘s tweets. The social media site maintains that the fact-checking committee went through the protocols before flagging Trump’s tweets.

Nonetheless, the office of Trump has been on the offensive against Twitter. They claim that social media sites have had too much freedom. Now, it is time for the government to put a limit on such liberty.

Image courtesy of Twitter blogpost

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