Twitter ‘Quote Tweet’ feature now official for global users

Twitter quote tweet now official for global users

Twitter announced that the quote tweet feature is now available for its global users to highlight conversations.

Social media has been the hotbed of the pandemic in the past months. Facebook and Twitter have been on the limelight because of the potential damage that their platforms can wreak. As such, they clamped down on the misuse of the websites. They’ve fought fire with fire against misinformation.

However, it remains to be seen just how effective these measures are. Twitter, for its part, has been on the front and center of the news because of this. They fact-checked President Trump, which sent shockwaves across the social media industry.

Be that as it may, Twitter still wants conversations to continue.

Quote tweet is now available globally

Before, when Twitter users wanted to comment on a tweet, they do it directly on the post. Sometimes they get buried below so many other comments that flood in. Now, Twitter has rolled out quote tweet to solve this issue.

This feature is the company’s way of pushing conversations forward. Instead of directly commenting on an interesting tweet, users can quote it and directly upload it on their feed. In other words, quote tweets are highlighted posts that users can add their personal touch on.

Quote tweet makes the conversations more accessible and free-flowing. They also add another level of interest to their users. Twitter said,

“Tweets about a Tweet add more to the conversation, so we’ve made them even easier to find.”

Could the company acquire TikTok?

The sweepstakes for TikTok is still on. They only have less than two weeks to finalize a deal, or else they have to bid their U.S. operations goodbye. Microsoft is still the leading suitor to acquire the multi-billion dollar company. However, Twitter has emerged as the second favorite to snatch away the company.

The two social media companies are a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Twitter may not be big enough to buy TikTok. Therefore, a partnership of some sort could be in play. If this happens, the two social media giants will benefit largely.

On the one hand, Twitter can push forward the thrust of TikTok for short-form videos. On the other hand, TikTok can implement more rich-media on Twitter. In addition, Twitter is also a likely candidate because it’s not involved in any anti-trust allegation. The company is not as big as Facebook or Google. Therefore, it can still fly under the radar with a potential partnership.

Image from Morning Brew/ Unsplash

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