Twitter removes the option for threaded replies

Following a negative response from people, Twitter has now eventually removed the option of threaded replies for iOS and web users.

According to Macrumors, Twitter tested the feature of threaded conversations or replies for several iOS and web users. It was observed throughout this year whether people liked it or not. And now, finally, it has pulled it back.

Feedback from many people indicated that threaded replies, similar to Reddit’s, were more confusing. It simply means that social media users are more comfortable doing a regular exchange of tweets instead of threads.

Twitter is constantly testing new features

The replies’ layout included lines that were supposed to indicate who’s talking to whom in a conversation. Basically, one entire discussion could be seen in one view. Going even further, the company also added an extra tap to Like, Retweet, and Reply in a threaded conversation. All of them first made an entrance in beta versions and then came to the main app itself.

However, it seems like users themselves didn’t like all this new change that much. The feedback received has been very negative. The app and platform are back to its old implementation of arrangement in terms of replying to tweets from Thursday.

This year the social media company has tried a lot of new things. Firstly, the threads and then the now-infamous Fleets! Yes, in early September, it rolled out its own version of disappearing stories. And it was quite obvious, considering the popularity of WhatsApp status or Instagram Story options.

But it looks like even this new introduction hasn’t impressed the users in any way. Instead, they are still wondering why did Twitter come up with this idea!

Interestingly, the company has made it clear that it will keep searching for new ways to make conversations easier. However, it will depend solely on whether they like new improvisations or not in the future.

Controversies and challenges

The year 2020 was also filled with quite a bit of problem for the social media platform because it was also the year of US Elections that saw endless cases of fake news and online agendas.

The majority of people complained about witnessing hate content and tweets regarding the elections. They also urged Twitter to look into such situations. After that, the company took several strict actions and even blocked some of Donald Trump‘s tweets! As expected, the reaction from the side of Mr. Trump and his supporters was harsh as well. Both ways, the portal tried to deal with complicated scenarios.


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