Twitter will launch birdwatch feature to stop misinformation

Twitter is looking forward to launching a new feature called the birdwatching. The birdwatching feature will rule out all the misinformation on Twitter.

Twitter is testing out a new feature that will eliminate the misinformation flowing through the platform. The birdwatch feature is the new feature in which the users can attach notes on tweets. About that, the notes will state if the tweet is fake information or not.

In today’s scenario, fake information is ubiquitous, and twitter is one of the primary sources of false information. Also, many users find it difficult to differentiate between fake news and the right information.

Twitter will launch this feature for the community, and this will be handled by the community only because this feature will enable the users to attach notes. Twitter will not have any software to check if the information is fake or not.

The Birdwatch Feature

The birdwatch feature will include a survey form. The users can also report the tweet in the survey categorizing it into misleading or non-misleading information. If the ratio states the tweet to be misleading, then the tweet will be flagged.

The feature can also start a thread of debate about the legitimacy of the tweet. Also, the users can learn about different opinions about the tweet’s legitimacy, and the ratio can be balanced.

In the same way, the users can differentiate the tweet based on the level of harmfulness. For example, the viewers can attach the note saying the tweet is harmfully misleading or moderately misleading.

The feature is still in the early development phase and would not be released before the US elections as per Twitter.

Twitter’s reaction

Twitter is still looking forward to adding much more relevance to the feature. As it is in the early development phase, the company wants to see if the feature will be as impactful as it seems.

Twitter is still debating upon the notes feature as it can quickly turn into a debate for the users. Many users can have a different opinion about some facts, whereas others can have the opposite.

Also, Twitter is hoping that the feature would be more of a meaningful action than a debate. Come up with alternative facts that can prove the legitimacy of a misleading tweet.

In conclusion, Twitter still doubts that the feature will not eradicate fake information but warn the users. This feature can depend on the user’s opinion, but it is expected that the users will be much more aware of fake news then they are now.

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