Twitter will now earn from its users with the Super Follow feature

In a shocking move to increase revenues, Twitter has announced that it will bring a Super Follow feature to let users charge their followers.

While revealing the Super Follow feature, Twitter gave the reason that it wants to reduce its dependence on ads for revenues. So, it will try to generate that from the service itself. And thus, users will be able to charge their followers to see their content, tweets, video, or to receive any other exclusive deal.

However, most people on social media are not at all happy with the platform’s decision.

Will the new Twitter feature be of any use?

Firstly speaking of the platform’s newly announced Super Follow feature, it will provide perks like bonus tweets, video, access to a community group, exclusive deals, newsletter subscription, or a badge of support.

While explaining the subscription-based feature, Twitter shared several screenshots. Giving an example, it said that a $4.99 subscription would provide new rewards to the users. As they pay to follow someone, the other creative individuals will earn directly from followers.

“Exploring audience funding opportunities like Super Follows will allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience and will incentivize them to continue creating content that their audience loves,” Twitter said in a statement.

Another feature to arrive soon is called Communities. Comparatively, it’s similar to Facebook Groups. It will allow people to join a particular group or a community on Twitter. Examples include social justice, cats, plants, and surfing, as per the social media platform.

Meanwhile, it may seem like some reward, but many people are not favoring it. A trend titled #RIPTwitter began trending within hours of Super Follow feature’s news. They are disappointed at the moment.

Here’s what the social media users on the platform are saying about it:

Is the subscription format becoming irrelevant?

Whatever the reason the social media tech giant may have, it won’t justify its recent decision of charging to follow someone.

The subscription-based format is there on other websites and apps, which is somewhat acceptable.

However, on a social media portal that is supposed to be accessible for all people to express their opinions and thoughts, it doesn’t seem logical.

The latest announcement of Twitter might also result in a negative response from its users. In other words, it may witness a WhatsApp-like situation.

Since the last few months, many registered WhatsApp users have moved to other apps due to its privacy policy. The same might happen in the case of Twitter as well.

If there comes a situation like that, then one potential alternative will be Tumblr. It might gain a brand new following due to possible mass migration.


Image courtesy of Hahn/YouTube Screenshot

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