Two Google devices at FCC: Sabrina Android TV and remote

From the description of GZRNL as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device,” we believe that this could be Google’s much-anticipated Android TV dongle, codenamed Sabrina, and poised to be a successor to the Chromecast Ultra.

Unless you buy a TV with the software built-in, there aren’t too many options for Android TV right now. There’s the high-end Nvidia Shield range, which starts at $149.99, or the $59.99 Xiaomi Mi Box S that Google itself promoted a couple of years ago.

For a few months now, we’ve been gradually learning more about Google’s next streaming device. And according to the news, it will be powered by Android TV instead of being a simple Chromecast.

Today, two new Google devices have shown up at the FCC. Reports believe it has to be a first-party Android TV and its remote.

A report from XDA Developers had revealed in June that Google was working on a new Android TV dongle codenamed “Sabrina.” The upcoming device has now appeared in FCC filings, which suggest it could be announced soon.

Sabrina, The Latest Android TV

Two Google devices at FCC: Sabrina Android TV and remote

As spotted by the folks at 9to5Google, the FCC filings reveal two new Google devices with model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N. While GZRNL is listed as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device,” the other one with model number G9N9N is described as a “Wireless Device” on the FCC website.

The descriptions recommend that the GZRNL device could be “Sabrina,” while G9N9N is expected to be its remote control. Unsurprisingly, the FCC filings do not reveal any essential details about the upcoming Android TV dongle, except that it will have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Digging further, sources found a card-shaped FCC label that, if this were indeed for the Android TV dongle, would likely go to the rear. Behind that, the FCC shows that this GZRNL device only supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as you’d expect.

Bluetooth Remote Control

On the other hand, G9N9N is listed as a “Wireless Device,” which offers minimal information and clues. However, by looking at a diagram showing the device’s FCC label and location, we see that the name will be found “under the power cover.”

This device might indicate that we’re looking at a matching remote to go with the Android TV dongle. It also makes sense since most remotes have a “power cover” to hold the batteries in place.

Beyond that, the only other thing we stand to learn about this potential remote is that the only kind of connection it uses is Bluetooth. All the exciting parts of these FCC listings, such as pictures revealing what these two devices are, are locked behind the FCC’s temporary confidentiality until late January.

Images used courtesy of URTechSupport/YouTube Screenshot

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