Two new ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ glitches has players frustrated

New Call of Duty glitches are trapping players inside vehicles which make them vulnerable to attacks. Another glitch makes players slither like snakes.

Call of Duty is all fun and games until players discover Warzone glitches which are being exploited by others.

One of the new Warzone glitches traps players inside vehicles, making them sitting ducks for the enemy team. The other, lets players appear like they are lying down when in fact they are standing up.

Players are using this glitch to hind behind walls while invisibly killing their enemies. There have been multiple Warzone glitches in the past but only a few have been problematic like this.

Trapped in vehicles

I got stuck while looting a truck… then two other squads got stuck inside too! from CODWarzone

This Warzone glitch traps players inside vehicles and reports suggest that many are affected in a single match.

The questionable vehicle is a truck parked outside an apartment complex near the graveyard.

Having known that these trucks contain a few loots inside, it is inevitable that players would want to get through and check it out.

However, because of the current glitch, players who do enter this truck could get back out no matter what they do.

Since they are stuck, they have to wait until an enemy comes along to kill them or let the circle drain out their lives.

Several players reported that once they are killed and an opposing player gets in to loot their body, they also get trapped inside.

Snake glitch

Players who have recently played Warzone must have encountered a situation where they get killed by someone they couldn’t see.

Tons of players have reported coming across opponents who look like they are proning on the ground but they are actually standing straight up and shooting.

Unofficially named as the “snake” glitch, more players are exploiting the glitch based on YouTube videos and the game’s subreddit page.

Bugs and glitches unavoidable especially in huge video games like Call of Duty Warzone. These consistently updated games make it impossible for its developers to test and remove every single glitch affecting the game.

However, these bugs are more than just minor problems which can ruin the whole match for a team. Hopefully, the developers are now aware of these Warzone glitches and have announced that they will fix it before the launch of Season 4.

Featured image courtesy of Silent Nine/Youtube Screenshot

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