‘Two Point Hospital’ is free this weekend; buy it, get 70% off

'Two Point Hospital' is free this weekend and get 70% off when you buy it

The famous medical simulator Two Point Hospital is free to play this weekend and also get 70% off on Steam should you decide on buying it.

A Sega published game from Two Point Studios is on its way to players this weekend at a very cheap price in celebration of their second anniversary.

Through the years, Two Point Hospital has received a ton of very positive reviews. In addition, they have also released plenty of DLCs since its release.

Build your hospital while curing bizarre illnesses

From the same developers that brought Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital takes players into a unique vibe when it comes to the medical sim management genre.

The game delivers cartoon humor where you cure a couple of strange diseases once you get your hospital up and running.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there as you are faced with new challenges on how to make your hospital more efficient in taking care of patients. It could range from fixing facilities to rearranging rooms to improve mobility.

Steam giving away decent discounts

This medical sim has tons of content as well with 3 DLCs at 50% off plus Off The Grid, which was released just March of this year at 20% off.

Get the base game on Steam and play it for free this weekend and buy it at 70% off before September 1 if you think it will keep you entertained for a lifetime. You could also avail of the Two Point Hospital bundle, including all DLCs at 60% off.

For the console owners out there, you could also avail the game on the Nintendo Switch as well at 60% off or on the Xbox One at 40% off.

Featured image courtesy of Two Point Hospital/YouTube Screenshot

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