TWO TWO unveils extreme art gallery with top-notch artists and innovators

TWO TWO is a U.S.-based gallery that focuses on DeFi and aims to provide funds for art projects in various parts of the world. 

It has established an advanced ecosystem that caters to the sale of NFT art, physical art, liquidity pools, and staking to provide art enthusiasts with a wide range of high-value assets. 

Avron Goss, Co-Founder of TWO TWO said: “For too long, the elite have controlled access to art via exclusive art galleries and auction houses.” 

This long-time problem, according to the company, is what prevents the majority from tapping the opportunities in art. 

TWO TWO’s utility token

The firm’s token, called X22 Token will have a variety of features that are designed to provide a smooth and democratic experience for platform users.

Each token represents one vote that would enable holders to participate in community development. Holders who will stake their tokens will be rewarded with yield from the staking pool, art sales, and NFTs. 

To establish reserves in the treasury that will serve as insurance, a portion of MNFT and art sales will be used to buy tokens on the open market. This method would not only build reserves but also boost staking rewards and provide tokens to liquidity providers. 


Recently, the company has teamed up with big names prior to its official launching, which includes Emmy-Award winner Alan Tietel, music legend Jimi Hendrix and Nick Walker.

TWO TWO will release NFT versions of these personalities’ most special collections to be auctioned to the public. 

“The firm will enable the community to be the gallery and have direct access to established and emerging talent,” Goss said.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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