TXT shares thoughts on Billboard 200 chart success

TXT reveals its reactions to getting in the Billboard chart again and shares thought of BTS’s Jin.

On November 19, TXT participated in the MBC FM4U radio show Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon. The members talked about breaking their record on the Billboard 200 chart.

TXT breaking its own record

The group’s appearance marked its second time to a live radio show since its debut last 2019. Taehyun showed that he felt like they were acquainted with Kim Shin Young. He commented that they had seen each other for few times at some music shows, and he trusted that she would treat them well.

Kim Shin Young congratulated the group for breaking their record on the Billboard 200 chart with third mini-album minisode1: Blue Hour. The album ranked No. 25, and Taehyun commented that they did not know it at first.

They heard it on the news and expressed their gratitude through social media to their fans who supported them.

Reasons to celebrate success

Hueningkai said they thought that it was a lie because it was so amazing. Soobin added that before he heard the news, he knew it from his family first. Their family has all the cause to celebrate their success.

On Soobin’s experience as an MC for Music Bank, he humbly said that he got nervous as soon as the artists up for No. 1 appeared. He tried to memorize the script but got confused because he is not good at memorization. Then, Kim Shin Young sympathized with and stated that he got nervous too because celebrities are celebrities.

Spend time with BTS’s Jin

Soobin also shared that he would like to eat some chicken with BTS. Jin bought them pizza once, but they were not able to eat with him. He thinks that it would be nice to spend time eating chicken together next time.

Jin wanted to eat with them that day, but something came up in his schedule.


Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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