TXT showcases third mini-album ‘Minisode1: Blue Hour’

TXT held an online showcase to celebrate its third mini-album entitled minisode1: Blue Hour.

TXT’s album, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, marks its first comeback for five months after the release of The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

The series album of TXT

The album following Dream Chapter will serve as a connection to the next series of the group. It tells the story of two boys being surrounded by some uncertainties after experiencing changes in their relationships.

Moreover, Taehyun introduced the album and stated that it is a new album that tells a story connected to their next series. They want the listeners to enjoy its stories and performances that they knew only TXT could create.

Following the footsteps of BTS

The title track Blue Hour has an energetic dance beat, sort of like the disco genre. The lyrics also express the boys’ mixed emotions towards their friends and the world. The song’s Korean title translated as I Discovered You and Me in the Sky at 5:53.

Yeonjun shared that the title is surprising, but he will be a bit upset if the title was made shorter. Following BTS steps, the group wanted to keep the disco trend going and the complicated emotions of awe.

Change of choreography and style

The new mini-album marks TXT’s departure from the usual style in choreography and outfits they usually showcase. Yeonjun added that the group is trying to evoke a relaxed and gentle atmosphere with their new title track.

Minisode1: Blue Hour consists of five tracks, which are Ghosting, We Lost The Summer, Way Home, and Wishlist. Soobin participated in the composition of Ghosting, and Yeonjun and Hueningai participated in Wishlist. Taehyun took part in the composition of both tracks.

The members concluded the online showcase they wanted to be a group that will be bringing everyone positive support and a gift of tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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