TXT’s ‘Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ is No. 9 on Billboard’s album sales list


TXT’s album, released in May 2021, is now rated #142 on Billboard’s Top 200 album list and #9 on the Top 10 Best Selling albums of 2021.

TXT is one of several successful fourth-generation boy bands, demonstrating their commercial viability.

They’ve also been topping charts all around the globe in the weeks after their repackaged album was released.

‘Chaos Chapter: Freeze’

TXT members announced shortly after the publication of Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape that they would release their next Japanese album, Chaotic Wonderland, which will continue their narrative centered on the idea of chaos.

TXT’s third full-length album, Chaos Chapter: Freeze, was released in May of 2021 and is still ranking on Billboard despite the band’s previous releases.

The album is now at #142 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums list, marking its 13th week on the chart. Not only that but the album is now ranked #9 in the Top 10 Best Selling Albums of 2021.

TXT is making waves in the US charts

The album debuted at #5 on the Billboard charts in its first week of release. They fell to #34 in the second week and #82 in the third week after being released.

Despite a brief appearance on the Billboard Top 100 list, TXT’s Chaos Chapter: Freeze remains one of the most popular albums currently available.

0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You) ft. Seori, the album’s title track, re-entered Melon Daily List at #999, marking TXT’s sixth song to stay on the chart for 108 days.

TXT is fighting with themselves with its newest repackaged album, Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, following in the footsteps of their sunbaes in BTS.

TXT’s greatest rival is themselves, much as their seniors and labelmates BTS. TXT was reported to be rated #358 on the Melons Daily List after spending 35 days on the chart.

This song is currently TXT’s sixth longest-charting single on the Melon Daily Chart, tying with their own song Anti-Romantic. TXT is undeniably doing well on the charts, not just in the United States but also worldwide.

The song Loser=Lover also lasted five weeks on the Billboard World Digital Songs list, matching their first single Crown, which was published in March of this year.

On the Billboard World Digital Songs list, Loser=Lover is now their fourth longest-charting single.

TXT’s highly anticipated Japanese album

TXT will undoubtedly make an impact in Japan once their Japanese album is released in November 2021. TXT will also be included on an album produced by their Enhypen hoobaes.

TXT is reported to have collaborated with their juniors on one song for Enhypen’s next full-length album, Delusion:Dilemma, which will be released on October 12, 2021.


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