Tyrone’s sexuality is confirmed by ‘Resident Evil Resistance’ Director

Resident Evil Resistance director AI Yang has confirmed one of the game character’s sexuality.

It is pride month, 2021. The LGBT+ community has been quite active during the coming years. A lot of video games and series are portraying characters who are in the spectrum.

So in the game called Resident Evil Resistance, the director AI Yang has said that the character of Tyrone Henry is added to the list of canonically gay characters.

Yang surprises fan by the remark on Twitter

Over on Twitter, the director has said that Tyrone lies on the list because the game wanted to work out with different scopes and realms rather than focusing on one. Resident Evil Resistance might sound like a new game to all the players, but it came out at the same time when Resident Evil 3 was dropped.

So this game can be traced back to the Raccoon City and what lies beneath. For those who have not yet played the game, here is a spoiler. Resident Evil Resistance focuses on an online survival multiplayer aspect.

How is the gameplay?

Four players are asked to take up the roles of the survivors, and while one of the players takes the role of a Mastermind, they have to make sure that they are not caught.

The role of the Mastermind is to set traps for enemies and implement other deadly attempts so that all the survivors can be wiped out. In short, two groups are split between the survivors and the Mastermind in the game.

The survivors must make sure that they do not cross the Mastermind and don’t let him win the game. Since Resident Evil Resistance is set on the Umbrella’s insane Nest2 facility, survivors have to find all the ways to get out from there without being caught by the Mastermind’s plan or being eaten alive by various monsters.

Here comes the character Tyrone Henry. He is a former Raccoon City firefighter, and he gets abducted on his way through the hordes of zombies’ right to freedom.

One of the main things that will excite all the players is the fact that Tyrone is gay.

Video games are addressing more social constraints

Yang said that it is important for every game developer to try out major aspects which are going on now. Thus, addressing all the social issues and accepting who you are right from the inside is really important.

Tyrone even commented on Twitter and in a long thread that it is basically impossible to note out that Tyrone is not gay. It has been evident right from the start if fans have played Resident Evil Resistance.

The character implementation is done with the major goal of making it the sole basis of his sexuality.


Image courtesy of ProdigyAtWork/YouTube

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