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U.K. Parliament presents new report about Huawei colluding with Beijing


New reports suggest that the CCP heavily funds Huawei as lawmakers strongly want to remove Huawei gear in their 5G networks.

Despite the recent news that the Chinese tech giant will release their HarmonyOS in a few weeks, they still have ongoing tensions with other countries — and the U.K. is one of their closest partners.

With the U.S. implementing many restrictions on Chinese tech this year, its other partners are getting pressured to do the same. Despite efforts from the U.K. government to try and maintain their relationship, it seems that their trust went down the drain.

Huawei denies collusion with Beijing

A new report from the U.K. lawmakers claimed that there is “clear evidence of collusion” between the tech giant and the “Chinese Communist Party apparatus.”

Because of this, they are looking into the possibility of pushing the Huawei tech ban to 2025 instead of 2027. A Huawei spokesperson has denied these allegations as he told CNBC:

“This report lacks credibility, as it is built on opinion rather than fact. We’re sure people will see through these groundless accusations of collusion and remember instead what Huawei has delivered for Britain over the past 20 years.”

They have made this statement somewhat echoed on what they were advertising to the U.K. press back in June.

More Communist Party links unveiled

Since March, the U.K. Parliament has been actively investigating Huawei through interviewing U.S. politicians, telecoms industry insiders, and technology experts.

Last December, a Wall Street Journal article uncovered how Huawei had received around US$75 billion [AU $ 105 billion] worth of state support from Beijing.

The U.K. Parliament defense committee also cited claims by a researcher who specialized in corporate irregularities within China. He alleged Huawei is engaging in “a variety of intelligence, security, and intellectual property activities.”

Based on these claims, the committee has concluded, as per BBC, that the Chinese tech giant is strongly linked to the state despite their denial.

However, the recent report also warned the West not to give in to ill-informed anti-China hysteria. It urged their allies to recognize the mutual benefits of Chinese involvement in their economy.

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