U.S. Infrastructure Bill’s fate to be determined by the House this week 

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has expressed her confidence that the controversial infrastructure bill will finally be passed by the House of Representatives. 

Pelosi said bringing the bill to a vote is seen by many as a sign of confidence that the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure legislation will receive an overwhelming thumbs up from the U.S. lawmakers.

“On Wednesday, we will begin debate on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework on the Floor of the House and vote on it on Thursday, September 30,” Pelosi said. The vote will happen the day before the Surface Transportation Reauthorization expires. 


The bill was passed through the Senate with bipartisan support on Aug. 10. It has specific provisions which include strict counterparty requirements for decentralized validators and software developers. 

But Senator Pat Toomey submitted an amendment on the bill which exempts validators, developers, and node operators from the requirements. This appeal was supported by Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Rob Portman, Cynthia Lummis, and Mark Warner. 

But the amendment received an objection from Senator Richard Shelby which prevented it from being added to the legislation. 

Not so fast

But while the infrastructure bill remained intact, it will still face major challenges from Senators who are against its requirements. They even said that the vote for the bill should be postponed as other pressing matters such as the climate bill and social welfare are still in limbo. 

Pelosi said that the House of Representatives is now currently working with the Senate and White House to iron out the issues regarding the bill. 

“Obviously with negotiation, there have to be some changes in that the sooner the better, so that we can build our consensus to go forward,”  Pelosi said. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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