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U.S. police force in the crosshair of Anonymous hacking group


As protests all over the United States continue, hacking group, Anonymous is also waging its digital protest with plans to attack police websites.

The hacking group Anonymous is throwing its hat into the fray and is showing its support to protesters. The group issued a threat to the Minneapolis Police Department, claiming it will “expose your many crimes to the world.”

Online activism and coordinated attacks

Following the issue of its threat, many in the tech community said that the hacking group is returning to the fray. However, there are some who are pessimistic of the group’s intent claiming it is just to flaunt its brand.

Speculations that the group is once again active have been circulating in a number of forums and online communities. The group’s latest target appears to be the Atlanta Police Department. Local media corroborates this claim with reports claiming that the local police’s website is offline.

The takedown of the Atlanta police website takes place after the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks on Friday. According to reports, Brooks was shot by a police after he fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-thru.

Anonymous takes credit for the takedown with a Twitter post. The group claims that the takedown is a response to the “execution of Rayshard Brooks.”

The aftermath

The hacking group claims that “Trump supports and racists” are attacking their accounts following the takedown of Atlanta PD website. Anonymous adds that while the website can be accessed in the United States, traffic outside of the country is blocked.

Right after the takedown of the Minneapolis and Atlanta PD websites, the attack went viral. Several accounts on various social media platforms affiliated to the group quickly spread the news.

Accurately pinpointing the origin of the attack is hard, considering how Anonymous operates. Instead of coming from one central point, these attacks usually come from several different points. This makes it extremely difficult to find the actual culprit.

The hacking group has no centralized command. Instead, the group is a loose band of hackers from different locations. This allows the group to quickly spread their exploits across several social media platforms.

The recent attack is a huge embarrassment for Atlanta PD. The police department splashes massive investments towards its IT infrastructure following a ransomware attack. It appears that these investments did not live up to its promise as it took only hours for Anonymous to crack its website.

Image courtesy of Luther Bottrill/Unsplash

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