U.S. spearheads reward system to combat cyber threats 

Cyberattack is one of the greatest challenges that the U.S. government has to deal with in this age of a tech-centric society. 

But even with its efforts to protect the country from remote attacks, some major breaches have slipped under its noses and created a massive disturbance on American soil. 

To prevent any cyber-attacks from happening again, the government decided to enlist the help of citizens in pinning down any intrusions before they even cause any damage.

Reward system

The U.S. government created a reward system that would encourage citizens to participate in an anti-hacking program, in which cryptocurrencies are included as a reward. 

The program, called “Reward for Justice,” is created to provide incentives to the citizens who can help the government in “hunting” criminals behind cyberattack incidents. 

The rewards can go as much as $10 million depending on the value of the information that a citizen can give. The government would pay citizens in either cash or cryptocurrency, depending on informants’ preferences. 

What information is actually needed?

The Diplomatic Security Service is the government entity that would be in charge of the disbursement of rewards. According to DSS, the information that will be highly prioritized by the government concerns the identity and location of a person behind a cyber attack. 

Civilians who participate in the program must also provide solid evidence that perpetrators behind a cyber attack are directed by a foreign government. Also, there must be evidence that will prove the perpetrators are actually involved in the attack. 

The program, though risky, is certainly enticing for civilians because cryptocurrencies, which have the potential to multiply in value, are also given as a reward. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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