UAE, Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel

In a once in a fortnight event, the United States inked a deal with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which would improve the relations between the two countries and Israel.

The United States helped break a long taboo on September 15 when President Donald Trump signed a deal with the UAE and Bahrain to make them the third and fourth countries to sign a peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt signed the previous treaties in 1979 and by Jordan in 1994. The United States solely believed is doing so because of a strategic realignment of countries against Iran.

The Agreement

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump teamed up with the Foreign Ministers from UAE and Bahrain to “change the history.”

In a CNN report, President Donald Trump said that he believes the agreements would serve as a “foundation for a comprehensive peace across the entire region.”

He also said that there would soon be other countries signing similar deals. However, there have been no reports of when or which countries they would be.

Trump further added that the agreements are proof that Middle-eastern countries are willing to break free from failed approaches of the past and are ready to welcome a new future.

What are the gains?

For President Donald Trump, this could act as a tactic to gain votes two months before the US Presidential Elections, in which he trails in the polls.

The agreement can be a significant foreign policy decision, even if the deal happens irrespectively of who the president is.

Establishing excellent relations with the Israel government would help the Gulf countries develop better relationships with the United States.

Whosoever may win the election; it would still be a win-win situation for both UAE and Bahrain since their relations with Israel are already normalized.

One of the clear benefits that the UAE will get from the said deal is better relations with the United States, which they plan to capitalize on for their warfare.

On the other hand, Bahrain seemingly wants to benefit its military power from the deal. Furthermore, the agreement tackles the possibility of getting high-tech military technology like the Iron Dome Missile Defense System from Israel for both of the countries.

The ceremony would help Netanyahu to distract from domestic issues at home. However, the rising coronavirus cases, a sinking economy, and his corruption trial would be a significant stress for the Israeli Prime Minister, as per BBC News.

In conclusion, the said deal will be a significant foreign policy move for all the four countries. Whatever the actual intentions are, it seems both Bahrain and UAE intend to indirectly benefit from the United States by signing a deal with Israel.

Image courtesy of Leo Altman/Shutterstock

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