Ubisoft drives ‘Skull & Bones’ in different direction, a reboot to come

Ubisoft drives 'Skull & Bones' in different direction, a reboot to come

There is scarce information about Skull & Bones coming from Ubisoft, but recent news now claims that the game is getting an overhaul.

Skull & Bones is a Ubisoft title that has been often delayed. Since E3 2018, the game has been pushed back for three consecutive years now. The recent news finally sheds a little light on the reason behind the delay.

Per Video Game Chronicles, Skull & Bones was originally announced during E3 2017 and was slated for a 2018 release. Come 2018, attendees witnessed a hefty gameplay preview of the game during the E3 event. Unfortunately, that was the last official update that fans saw.

In the absence of E3 2020, the Montreal-based gaming giant hosted Ubisoft forward online instead. Unfortunately, Skull & Bones wasn’t touched nor mentioned last Sunday. The event was filled with release details but it didn’t include the pirate adventure title

Ubisoft decided to do an overhaul

Per the gaming publication’s source, it appears that the year-after-year delay is due to the fact the Skull & Bones is getting a game overhaul.

As it turns out, the game “had been struggling to carve itself,” making a mark that’ll set it apart from Ubisoft’s other famed open-world titles, such as Watch Dogsand Assassin’s Creedto name a few.

The game development is reportedly spearheaded by Ubisoft Singapore, who is trying to “refine” Skull & Bone‘s concept. The decision to “reboot the game entirely” was allegedly done last year.

Moving with a “live” model instead

Instead of an open-world genre, VGC reports that Ubisoft will drive the game in a different direction—a “live” game model direction, to be specific.

The pirate adventure title reboot will reportedly follow suit of Epic Games’ “live storytelling” in Fortnitewhere it’ll take heavy inspiration from. “They said the rebooted Skull & Bones would have a stronger focus on collaboration, as Ubisoft is keen to appeal to audiences beyond the competitive action fans who usually play its other series,” the media outlet further discussed.

The move is not exactly surprising, considering a lot of games getting released nowadays took inspiration from FortniteThe recent trend today as well, which sticks firmly to the gaming community, are those titles that are socially-inclined.

Just like what former Riot Games product manager Michael Chu said when describing today’s trends, games have become more of a “default social activity.”

As per the game’s imminent release, no new updates have surfaced. Although, a quick Google search on the game will give an initial Skull & Bone release date of March 2021.

Ubisoft is yet to comment nor confirm this game overhaul news, so readers are always reminded to take speculations and rumors with a grain of salt.

Featured image courtesy of Skull & Bones/Twitter

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