Ubisoft is changing their strategy to focus on more high-end ‘Free To Play’ games

Ubisoft says that the firm will not wait for 3-AAA games to be dropped every year.

Ubisoft is trying to shift away from its focus from the traditional strategy of releasing 3-4 premium AAA titles each year. But the team has planned to launch high-end’ free to play games for all the biggest franchises.

The company provided an update on its game development strategy during its full-year earnings called on Tuesday when it said it intends to be less reliant on the AAA releases as part of its overall product mix.

Fans speculate that Ubisoft is trying to focus more on the part where their players will be entitled to the small titles, which can be launched every three or six months inwards, but the prices will be lower.

The official team have released a statement

The product management and development team have commented on the situation. In line with the evolution of their high-quality lineup that is increasingly diverse, they are moving on from the prior comment regarding releasing all the 3-4 premium AAA titles every year.

The chief financial officer of Ubisoft has also commented, saying that they are trying to focus more on the edge of marketing which can help create a good experience for all their players at once.

It means that they are intending to work on projects for a proper indication of value creation dynamics. For example, their expectation for Just Dance and Riders Republic are consistent with some of the industry AAA Performers.

Additionally, the team also focuses on building high-end free-to-play games to trend towards the AAA ambitions over the longer run.

‘Free to Play’ games is what the firm is focusing on

It will be a great initiative for all the game makers out there to utilities this perspective and then run down their options one after the other so that every single player can get titles to play quarterly.

He has even commented, saying that this is a purely financial communication and evolution and does not change the fact that Ubisoft continues to expect a high cadence of content delivery, including all the powerful premium and free-to-play new releases.

Free-to-play titles and separate mobile games are in development and ahead of adaptations.

The development team has already started their work, and the firm has said that they are not looking forward to wasting any time as they are working very hard for the releases to be a successful launch.


Image courtesy of Blakwoodz/YouTube

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