‘The Division 2’ update: Ubisoft releases Title Update 9 patch


Ubisoft has announced the release of its latest update to The Division 2 named simply as Title Update 9, which will launch coincidently with the game’s scheduled maintenance on Tuesday (April 21).

According to the game’s official tweet, the game’s servers will go through a temporary shutdown during the upkeep and is expected to last for three hours, beginning 12:30 AM PT / 3:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM BST. The update applies to both PC and console.

At approximately 10 GB in file size, the latest update to come to the new The Division title is massive and would occupy a larger portion of the hardware’s available space still once installed. It is estimated to be between 70 GB to 80 GB of storage memory post-installation.

However, having big updates is not necessarily something new to the game. Players, who had been playing the game since day one, would already be familiar with the scheme whereby the game occasionally gets colossal updates, inclusive of both in-game bug fixes and additional highlights.

The Goodies

Making for an exciting addition to the game is primarily the introduction of the Exotic Configuration, which gives the game an RPG element through its level-up system. Similar to traditional RPG where growth is the main factor, this added feature emphasizes the importance of becoming stronger over time, subsequently rewarding longstanding players in the future.

The idea of being able to reconfigure arsenal is already enthralling enough as it is. But, Ubisoft is amping up the suspense by enabling the said feature to a selection of ‘Exotics,’ namely the game’s special equipment and weapons.

Although some accessory will get major buffs to their status, like the Sawyer’s Kneepads especially, others will only get minor augments to their stats, such as the Dodge City Gunslinger, Imperial Dynasty, Merciless/Ruthless, and Diamondback.

Worthy of note as well are the enhancement for Bullet King and Lady Death which, while not necessarily a game-changer, could significantly induce some ostensive adoptions in play.

Quality of Gameplay Improvements

For a yet considerably large update, Title Update 9 also includes other enhancements to the game, such as the reworking of Talents, the adjustment of Named Items, the improvement of the loot system, tons of bug fixes, and notable alterations to in-game missions.

Considering all the changes that are taking place with Title Update 9, playing The Division 2 would subjectively feel like a different game.

To get a comprehensive list of the things that Ubisoft has either added or tweaked in the game, check out their forum post where the update is laid bare.

Image used courtesy of Instacodez/Flickr


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