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Ubisoft reveals the mobile debut of ‘Brawlhalla’


Two new mobile games are expected to arrive from Ubisoft, as its July 12 event featured the debut of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and Brawlhalla.

Ubisoft’s Brawlhalla Mobile is set to arrive on the mobile platform on August 6th. That’s two weeks before the Sam Fisher 5v5 RPG battle game, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

What is Brawlhalla?

Contrary to how it sounds like, Brawlhalla is not a mobile version of Ubisoft’s other highly anticipated title, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But, it does involve the same hack and slash concept.

For those who don’t follow Ubisoft’s games, Brawlhalla is actually a 2D fighting game that wen into beta in 2015, per NME. By 2017, the platform fighter title was officially released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac OS.

Based on a report from Comicbook, Brawlhalla gives off a “Super Smash Bros.-style fighting” vibe, in forms of “adorable chibi characters.” Per Kotaku‘s 2017 review of the game, “Anyone who’s played a game or two of Super Smash Bros. will have the muscle memory for Brawlhalla.”

The game is also known for its character crossover rendition from the different parts of the entertainment industry, such as characters from Ben 10, Steven Universe, and even WWE personalities, such as The Rock and John Cena.

The matches can accommodate up to eight players, either online or co-op. There are also a variety of game modes such as ranked matches, free-for-alls, and a private room where players can invite friends.

Brawlhalla Mobile is also cross-play enabled

Brawlhalla is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, and Microsoft PCs. The game has since supported cross-play, which will now include the mobile platform on its roster.

An excerpt of the official announcement reads:

“50 playable Legends and counting, including epic crossovers with Ben 10, Steven Universe, Lara Croft, WWE, and more, will come to the battle, and – like the console and PC versions – the mobile versions of Brawlhalla will feature cross-play with all other platforms.”

Although, mobile players might experience struggles battling off PC players, at first. Nevertheless, the controls are customizable, which was highlighted during the trailer release.

Brawlhalla seems like it was made for mobile devices, at the get-go, considering it is a platformer. Its Battle Pass has just been launched, which is worth US$9.99 [AU$14.33] for PC users. Details about its mobile game equivalent will likely be unveiled upon release.

With its already existing player base—not to mention, having an active eSports competition—Ubisoft will not have a problem gathering an audience for its iOS and Android ports.

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