Ubisoft reveals working on releasing a new ‘Tom Clancy’ game


Ubisoft is working towards the release of a new Clancy game! This will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure, filled with espionage, and covert operations.

Ubisoft has said that they are working towards the release of a new game that will be a new version of Tom Clancy. The gaming company has said that the brand new game will be a blockbuster hit for the year.

Tom Clancy has always been a fan favorite for a long time because the game had garnered a lot of attention when it was first released. Ubisoft, the company behind the game, has been told for a very long time that they are working towards releasing a new title that will drop anytime soon.

How is the new game going to come up?

The players were not informed about the new game’s release date, and thus this is going to be surely a hit. Players can tune into CEST 11 AM PT/8 PM for the worldwide reveal of a brand new game directly made onto the Tom Clancy universe.

Spoiler Alert!

The game is potentially going to be multiplayer as the title codename was released on BattleCat last month with the help of social media platforms. The new game structure has been released to all the excited players, and they don’t have to worry as it will tap into the action sequence more than once.

VGC has understood that BattleCat is a first-person shooter targeting game in the early development stages.

How is the action sequence decided for the sequence?

According to all the leaked resources and marketing documents, BattleCat can combine all the sequences taken from Splinter Cells, Breakpoint, and all the Division games.

In the new game, which is going to release Ubisoft, they have stated that they will work on the various prospects and characters coming onto the platform.

Each character depicted in the game has a calm appearance, and they have additional armor as well, which will give them the ultimate ability to take over enemies who attack them.

The main idea of Ubisoft and what the team has revealed earlier is focusing on the workload and the game characteristics, which are going to be a strong point thereafter. The team developers have said that the new game took a lot of time because the team is absolutely trying to deliver high-performance stated graphics that are going to work on the new generation consoles.


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