Ubisoft unveils Rainbow Six World Cup global tournament


Together with many Ubisoft games, the studio unveiled The Rainbow Six World Cup. This tournament will involve two stages and up to 45 countries in total.

The Rainbow Six World Cup will debut starting next year. The tournament will add a more official competitive scene to Rainbow Six Siege. Compared to its cohorts, the new world cup will likely find more talent spread across the world.

New Rainbow Six tourney gets Tony Parker

The announcement for the new World Cup came in the recent Ubisoft Forward event. The event will span 45 countries, starting in the first half of 2021. During this first half, the Qualifier Stage will look for teams that will represent each country.

The qualifier stage will also cut down the teams up to 20, who will face up in the Finals. By Summer, the 20 teams will fight it out for the World Cup trophy.

Along with the tournament, Ubisoft strung Tony Parker on board. Tony Parker is a French basketball player and was part of the Tim Duncan-Era San Antonio Spurs. In an interview, Parker noted why he was keen to join the event.

“I have been involved in esports for the past six to seven years now, and when Ubisoft first came to me with this project, I was convinced they wanted to create something special,” said Parker.

“It will be a first for Rainbow Six Siege and I wanted to be part of it. I’m excited to meet the players and coaches, share my experience and I think they will have a lot of fun. For me, it was an incredible opportunity to play for my country, learning how to play with different players, different coaches, and I hope the players will enjoy it as much as I did.”

New World Cup may pit teammates against each other

Within the same interview, Tony Parker detailed some potential information about the Rainbow Six World Cup. He notes that teams can change once national representation comes around. Such a caveat will force players to adapt.

“Rainbow Six Siege players that will be competing are going to have to adapt,” says Parker. “Your teammates in your club may become you rivals, while your rivals during the regular seasons can become your teammates in your national teams.

“They are going to be playing with new teammates, new coaches, sometimes against players who know them well, so one of the biggest challenges is going to be to adapt to that and find new tactics and strategies to overcome this.”

The participating regions will start assembling their National Committees next week. Once set, the managers will pick their players, representing their team around the world.

14 countries will have direct invitations, which means 31 countries would have to compete for six spots. The new Rainbow Six World Cup would seem to be ultra-cutthroat. It will be a huge step for those wanting to get into the pro leagues around the world.

Featured image courtesy of Rainbow Six eSports/Youtube Screenshot

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