Ubisoft’s ‘God and Monsters’ given new name

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters, which is one of the developer’s highly anticipated titles. Now, we’ve got wind of the game again, but the news this time is rather unexpected.

Since being revealed a few years back, Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters has become one of the developer’s most anticipated titles. The hype behind it is possibly more than the hype behind titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watchdogs Legion. After a long silent period, we now have more news of the game.

New name

According to a report by Gematsu, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Immortals: Fenyx Rising for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Ubisoft is developing the game. Furthermore, the name of the lead protagonist in Ubisoft’s upcoming Greek-inspired title is indeed Fenyx.

It’s almost apparent that the game has indeed been renamed Immortals: Fenyx Rising. There’s a good chance that Ubisoft might officially announce this update soon. Considering the fact that the ratings board only gave the game a rating for the current generation of consoles, including the Switch and the PC, many are speculating that a release might be imminent as well.

What is the game about?

Gods and Monsters was officially revealed during E3 2019. According to Ubisoft, the game is inspired by Greek mythology. It’s Ubisoft’s direct competitor for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Since being revealed, fans have been eager to know more about the game, which also has amazing visuals to boot.

Not much has been revealed regarding gameplay however

In the game’s official description, Ubisoft says that the game will allow players to “explore a beautiful fantasy world where tricky trials, treacherous dungeons, and heroic feats await. The journey will be as challenging and rewarding as the final destination, and you will emerge as the hero you are meant to become.”

The game is currently under development of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey studio, Ubisoft Quebec. The game is a storybook adventure about Fenyx, who’s on a quest to save the Greek pantheon. Fans are hoping that more news about the game will be revealed soon.

Regardless of its name, Gods and Monsters remain to be one of the most hyped titles coming from Ubisoft. That’s saying a lot considering how the company already has a huge lineup of titles under its name.


Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/Youtube

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