UK Regulator Approves Cryptoasset Fund


ASX-listed company to benefit from UK-first.

UK start-up Altairian Capital Limited has become the first Cryptoasset Fund Manager to comply with the regulatory requirements of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In an announcement on Linkedin, Altairian Capital Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Stewart said:

“We know of no other cryptoasset manager that has taken this step.”

“We hope this sets a standard for all cryptoasset managers as we can build a stronger asset class by partnering with global regulators than by following a path of narrow self-interest.”

“We know of no other cryptoasset manager that has taken this step.”


– Kyle Stewart

It’s big news too for ASX-Listed cryptocurrency player, Fatfish Internet Group (FFG). It owns a 12.5% stake in Altairian Holdings and announced the regulatory-first to the market today:

“ACHL’s decision to seek UK regulated status for it asset management subsidiary, a first for the cryptoasset management industry, is proof of ACHL commitment to offer its clients best-in-class investment products and a desire to work in partnership with global regulators to help create responsible access to this emerging asset class.”

FFG is also currently developing a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, aimed at institutional investors.

Altairian Capital is on schedule to launch its first crypto asset investment product, ‘The Global Crypto Fund’, late this quarter or in early Q2. We’ll keep you updated.

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