‘Umbrella Academy’ season 2: Time jump, change in setting, new characters

‘Umbrella Academy' season 2: time jump, change in setting, new characters

Umbrella Academy has already been confirmed to return to Netflix for its second season.

However, until now the show has not announced any release date yet. According to a report, the superhero web series got its green light for season 2 back in April 2019.

They then started the production by June 2019 and wrapped up filming by November in the same year. Since then, everything has been endorsed to the post-production team. Netflix has shut down the production of most of its shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But despite that, the source reveals that the Umbrella Academy crew is still working cautiously for the upcoming season. 

Showrunner Steve Blackman assured the show’s fans that the continuation of the story of the Hargreeves children is making progress. He even shared a sneak peek in his Instagram account by snapping a photo of them working in a mixing room. 

In his photo is a glimpse of Diego (David Castañeda) with his new look (which has already been previously teased). Looking very different from season 1, Diego sports long hair and a beard.

 Diego’s new look as a clue

Although Blackman’s photo doesn’t reveal much, it still gave fans a hint about what’s coming next. It appears that season 2 is going to have a considerable time jump especially since season 1 ended with Number 5 hurtling everyone through time.

And based on Diego’s look, that time travel they did could have dropped them somewhere in the year 60’s or 70’s. Nothing is sure yet but it’s definitely going to be a whole new era. 

Composer Jeff Russo, who provides the series’ musical score, also divulged that there is definitely going to be a big change in the setting. Russo also said that just like the first season, fans can also expect to come across a lot of great songs in season 2 as well. 

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Three new characters joining

The show already announced that season 2 is going to welcome new faces. Joining the cast list are Marin Ireland, Yusuf Gatewood and Ritu Arya. 

Arya is going to play a character named Lila who is described as “a chameleon who can be as brilliant or as clinically insane as the situation requires”.  

Meanwhile, Ireland will be playing the role of Sissy who is said to be a “fearless, no-nonsense Texas mom.” She is also revealed to have married young for “all the wrong reasons.”

The last one, Gatewood, will be playing as Raymond. He is described to be a leader with “smarts, gravitas, and confidence.” 

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