Unbelievable! A 13-year-old Indian boy just created a multi-million dollar DeFi ecosystem


Gajesh Naik has dominated headlines with his incredible achievement: Creating a DeFi protocol called PolyGaj, which has already managed almost $7 million in cryptocurrency.

Thanks to the support of his father, who has a degree in computer science and works as a civil engineer, the young Naik was inspired to pursue his amazing project. 

Coder at 8

He first learned to code when he was just 8 years old at a boot camp that uses a drag-and-drop tutorial program called Scratch. 

Since then, he has learned computer languages including Solidity, C, C++, Java, and JavaScript, which would be critical knowledge in creating smart contracts that are based on Ethereum. 

Naik said: “I had the basic Math skills like addition, subtraction. That’s all which was required. Then afterward I started learning all program languages.” 

What others have to say about Naik?

Arjun Calsy, vice president for growth of an Indian crypto company Polygon said that Naik can be described as an expert in execution than being a coding genius. 

Calsy conceded that even with Naik’s impressive DeFi ecosystem, the codes that run behind it are very similar to the already established DeFi platforms like Goose Finance. In other words, PolyGaj can be considered a clone. 

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Calsy praised the incredible talent of the young boy and said that he has the potential to create world-changing platforms like Facebook which provides a service that everyone needs.

But Chris Blec, a DeFi researcher, expressed his concern. He said that with millions of dollars that PolyGaj has already managed, Naik might be too young to understand the massive risks that come with it. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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