Unboxing Surface Duo: Hands-on with Microsoft’s new phone

So far, so good. Microsoft’s Surface Duo hardware feels truly premium, as one would expect from a $1,400 device. It’s about the size of a small notebook folded lengthwise, but the design and quality are superb!

Two weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled its first-ever Android device, the Surface Duo. It’s a complete evolution of the dual-screen design we’ve seen in the past devices.

We all know that companies ZTE, LG, and Samsung are the ones who made foldable dual-screen gadgets first before Microsoft. Unlike other dual-screen mobile devices, Microsoft is pouring a ton of resources into making sure the software experience holds up.

The company even focuses on optimizing Android itself around the dual-screen experience. We’ve got our hands on the device, but while we can’t show off the software just yet, we can give an overview of the fantastic Microsoft has included in the Surface Duo.

Unboxing Surface Duo

Whether you are planning to buy it or merely watching the hype unfold over the internet, the Surface Duo is surely one of the most interesting phones of the year.

As reported by Android Central, Microsoft’s take on the foldable avoids the defects of flexible displays and breakable plastic overlays. Instead, the company relies on two distinct OLED screens and a sturdy, extremely adjustable hinge that forms the backbone of the phone itself.

Unboxing Surface Duo: Hands-on with Microsoft's new phone

Aside from the device itself, the box also contains a pair of Surface Earbuds in a new Graphite color that should be available on September 10. It also houses a printed and embossed card from Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, who says, “I hope you love using Surface Duo as much as we love creating it.”

Hands-on with the Device

Panay described the phone more than once as a smaller Surface, not necessarily an Android phone. The design is very sleek, and looking at it, we can assure that it is unique compared to its competitors.

This phone doesn’t have a rear camera. Aside from the Microsoft logo on the front, there are no other embellishments at all. However, holding or opening/closing the Microsoft Surface Duo provides the best feeling out of any foldable device.

Folding it feels nothing like the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, or even LG Velvet with its Dual Screen attachment. The hinge feels incredible to move. It requires the right amount of force to move but doesn’t feel hard to move at all.

It folds a full 360°, or you can fold it to any position you want it stays. The great hinge combined with the super thin and lightweight build, which makes the Surface Duo a fantastic-feeling dual-screen mobile device for the price of $1,400.

Images used courtesy of Android Central

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