Uncertainties loom Olympics in 2021, launch signify ‘victory’ over pandemic

Uncertainties loom Olympics in 2021, launch signify 'victory' over pandemic

The uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic bring doubt to the Japanese organizers of the Olympics for 2021. Although, its successful launch could relevantly signify a “victory” over the coronavirus.

In a recent interview with CNNthe governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, discussed the “fate of next year’s Olympics.” With the coronavirus still doing its rounds within and outside Japan, there have been doubts about its possible launch next year.

As the Tokyo governor admits, “more work is still to be done to improve treatment and testing” against COVID-19. This and a “number of uncertainties” are being weighed in by the Olympics organizers.

Governor Koike is hopeful, saying, “I wish the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as (a sign) of humanity’s victory over the coronavirus.”

Tokyo to strive for the Olympics to push through

The good governor further expressed that the Japanese masses have considered the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be an important event. Should it push through, it’ll mean a lot to the whole world, now more than ever.

The Tokyo governor further explained the officials don’t have any plans to delay the Games once again, following this year’s postponement. They are striving to study further on how to identify the “the specifics of the virus,” come up with a cure and improve medical testing facilities.

Governor Koike says:

“But we cannot afford to let the battle against the coronavirus last for 10 or 20 years. The global community must have a clear goal to win over the coronavirus and compete for solutions by making a safe society and sharing successful examples (of battling the virus).”

As of the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University, Japan has a total of 17,078 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 921 reported deaths. 311 of those deaths coming from Tokyo.

Uncertainties loom Olympics in 2021, launch signify 'victory' over pandemic

The state of the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics was supposed to happen this July but was canceled—like all other events this year—due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Its current schedule is now penned on July 23, 2021.

Although, the organizers are reportedly uncertain of Japan’s conditions a year from now. In a Q&A with CBC, the International Olympic Committee says the Games will push through next year, because if not, then it will be canceled altogether.

The “real problems” that the IOC is facing is the massive athletic scales, first and foremost. According to CBC:

“Much has to do with the massive scale: 11,000 Olympians, 4,400 Paralympians, 206 national Olympic Committees, dozens of summer sports federations, 42 venues and more than 5,000 apartments to secure in the Athletes Village, about 25 percent of which are reported to have been sold.”

Further details will be revealed after the IOC executive board meeting, that’ll be held on Wednesday, with a brief presentation from the Japanese organizers.  IOC President Thomas Bach is said to publicly discuss the minutes of their meeting afterward.


Images courtesy of Bryan Turner, Simon Connellan/Unsplash

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