‘Uncharted’: Mark Wahlberg shares first look of Sully after Nathan Drake

Mark Wahlberg gave fans of Uncharted a glimpse of his character, Sully, after co-star Tom Holland unveiled the first image of his take on Nathan Drake.

The actor posted a video on social media where he is sporting Sully’s trademark mustache. Wahlberg also unmistakably has with the vibe and attitude of Victor Sullivan in Uncharted.


Sully is best known to fans as the mentor of Nathan, a professional treasure hunter. Unlike the video games that created this massive franchise, the movie will focus on Nathan’s start, so Sully will be a major part of the prequel.

Walhberg said that he is quite familiar with the video games the film is based on. However, he believes that the movie will bring “a nice segue into Nathan becoming Nathan Drake.”

Plot, cast, release date

Uncharted was in development for nearly 12 years before things came together in 2019. According to The Wrap, at least eight directors attached to the project until Ruben Fleischer finally locked in and started filming with Holland, Walhberg, and the rest of the cast in early 2020.

Art Marcum and Matt Holloway came up with a new script, which Walhberg said felt like a mix of Indiana Jones, Thomas Crown Affair, and James Bond.

“I’ve made a lot of movies, but I’ve never felt like, this is a movie,” the actor said. “I just got really excited about it, so I was committed to playing the part.”

The pandemic further delayed the production of Uncharted, but filming restarted in July.

Before Wahlberg teased Sully’s look, Holland also posted a photo of his iconic character. Like Wahlberg, Holland is also a big fan of the video game series.


Also reportedly joining the cast are Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Tati Gabrielle, but their roles were not detailed.

A roller coaster journey

It’s been such a roller coaster ride for the movie since its development 12 years and eight directors ago. At one point, the COVID-19 delay seemed to seal the film’s fate that it was never getting made.

But Holland and Wahlberg believe that the movie will click with fans, including those who are not familiar with the video games.

“If you played the games, you haven’t seen what’s going to happen in the film,” Holland said. If you haven’t played the games, you’re going to enjoy the film,” the actor said, adding that it has “information that everyone else is getting at the same time.”

Uncharted has a July 2021 debut on the big screen.


Image courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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