‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland might be underway

'Uncharted' movie starring Tom Holland might be underway

After being hit by several delays, Ruben Fleischer’s silver screen adaptation of the hit video game franchise Uncharted has reportedly begun production.

The Uncharted film starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland hasn’t exactly been progressing well thus far, with the movie’s production already having been pushed back a few times.

It doesn’t help that the video game re-imagining has cycled through quite a few directors throughout the years, eventually landing on Ruben Fleischer—known for his work on the Zombieland series.

Luckily enough for expectant fans, it seems that filming is finally underway, says entertainment publication The Hollywood Reporter.

Filming on Uncharted supposedly kicked off earlier this week

Principal photography on the Uncharted movie started in Germany last March, with plans of shooting in Spain right after. Unfortunately, filming didn’t get very far since the shoot had to be shut down due to COVID-19 concerns shortly ahead of its commencement.

According to the entertainment news website, insiders revealed that work on the film was set to resume on July 20, with the crew picking up right where they left of in Berlin.

The country has stringent rules and precautions in place regarding social distancing, which the studio and its employees will have to abide by. Masks are non-negotiable for behind-the-scenes personnel, and regular disinfection is mandatory.

The same sources warned fans that shooting during the ongoing pandemic is unpredictable, to say the least. That sudden changes in infection rates may cause filming to shut down once more.

A star-studded adventure

The upcoming movie is poised to be a prequel to the video game franchise, focusing on the earlier days of protagonist Nathan Drake and his partner/father figure Victor Sullivan.

With the Uncharted movie having been in limbo for so long, the least the directors could do was bring a few big names on board to keep fans interested.

Tom Holland, best known for his performance as the most recent on-screen Spider-Man, will be playing the role of the main character Nathan Drake. Boogie Night’s Mark Wahlberg originally signed on as the lead in the film but was later recast as Victor Sullivan.

Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory), Sophia Taylor Ali (Grey’s Anatomy), and Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) are also reportedly part of the cast, though their roles have yet to be revealed.

Fans rooting for the film should keep their fingers crossed and hope for smooth sailing from here on out, if the Uncharted movie is to have any hope of meeting its July 16, 2021 premiere date.

Featured image courtesy of Uncharted

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