‘Uncharted Movie’s’ release date moved once again

In-game protagonist and supporting character to appear in the developing Uncharted movie

For the nth number of time since its initial production way back in 2008, the highly-anticipated Uncharted movie is getting a change in its release date, but this time, moving it earlier in the calendar.

Reportedly starting production in 2008, the Uncharted movie has been numerous delays across the years. Previous announcement suggest the film finally making it into the theater by October 8, 2021. Only to move it 3 months ahead on July 16, 2021.

There had been a number of issues that caused the hold up for the development of the film. One most notable reason of which is the change in the creative aspect. Consequently, seeing a shift between seven different directors and multiple scriptwriters.

The Final Crew

The directorial of the film finally landed in the hands of Ruben Fleischer. Film buffs would recall Fleischer for his direction of the Venom and Zombieland films.

Scriptwriting, on the other hand, was given down to both Art Macum and Matt Holloway. Both wrote the script for the original Iron Man film.

After a long time of rough production, the cast for the film is already set. To cast as Uncharted movie’s main protagonist is Tom Holland as the young Nathan Drake. While Mark Wahlberg will be playing the role of his mentor, Victor Sullivan.

Other notable castings include Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali, and Tati Gabrielle.

Sony Movies Delayed

However, the recent impetus was due to the Sony-wide shakeup that saw multiple film projects being delayed at a later time.

For instance, the also expected sequel to Spider-Man: Far from Home is moved to November 5, 2021. Another Spider-Man-based film, the follow-up to the Into the Spider Verse, also saw a postponement to October 7, 2022.

Successful Game Franchise

Originally released as a trilogy exclusively for the PlayStation 3, the Uncharted series has seen follow-ups on the PlayStation 4. While the first four titles in the series featured Nathan Drake as a protagonist, the most recent iteration saw Chloe Frazer as the new lead. Making a first in the series is indeed the replacement of Nathan Drake and the fact that Frazer is female.

For a game-based film to have started the production more than 10 years ago, the finalization of the Uncharted movie is a long-time coming. Being a series with exclusive space and acclaim in Sony consoles, the Uncharted brand is treated as a blockbuster product.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Naughty_Dog

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