Understanding the complicated battle system of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is a great game as per reviews and the game’s sales. While it’s very popular, the game isn’t exactly accessible to all players as it does have some complicated features that might take some time for players to fully understand.

Aside from the huge and winding open world, another mechanic that puzzles players of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the battle system. Mastering the battle system is the key to making Shulk and friends stronger, but understanding how it works is easier said than done.

How it works

Many liken the game’s battle style to the likes of MMORPGs. Shulk and his allies auto-attack targets meaning all players have to do in terms of the basics is pick an enemy to take out first. What players can do is use the skills of the characters and move them around. These are all done manually, but of course, players have to consider some things first.

Players can’t spam Arts in the game. Each successful attack they land will fill up a meter on a specific Art. Once that meter is full, the Art can then be used successfully.

The party gauge

One of the unique features of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the Party Gauge. It fills up whenever the party makes a successful action, and there are a total of three bars to fill.

Each segment of the gauge can be used to revive a fallen teammate or to warn them about an incoming attack. What players should do, though, is fill up the entire gauge so they can use a powerful all-out move called the Chain Attack.

Chain Attack

When players initiate a Chain Attack, time stops temporarily. They can then pick an Art that each of the party members should use and link up. If the Arts used are of the same color, then the Chain Attack will be extended even further.

Once players complete three straight Arts, a prompt pressing B will pop up. If players press on time, the Chain Attack will go another round. Effectively, players can extend a Chain Attack for a total of 15 strikes. It can decimate groups of enemies easily, so players should use it wisely.

These are the basics of the battle system in Xenoblade ChroniclesThere are a lot of tough bosses in the game, and beating them means understanding the game’s complicated but rewarding battle mechanic.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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