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Understanding the complicated upgrade system in ‘Spellbreak’


Proletariat’s Spellbreak is the next big battle royale to hit the current generation of consoles. There’s a lot of depth in the game that people don’t seem to understand fully, including the game’s complicated equipment system.

Beyond magic and sorcery spells, Spellbreak does have other factors that affect the player’s chances at victory. At the beginning of the game, players are taught about how the equipment works, but it’s not easy to understand. Here’s a short guide on how this mechanic works in the game.

The types of equipment

There are a few types of equipment that players can get in a match. The most basic is the health and armor potions, of which there is a small and big variant.

As for the equipment of the battlemage, players can collect an amulet, boots, and a belt.

The amulet increases the mana pool of players, allowing them to deal with more basic attacks. This is a crucial piece of equipment in the latter parts of a match in Spellbreak.

The belt provides players with extra armor. Players can’t use armor potions unless they have a belt on. The boots increase the player’s movement speed, which is also crucial as the ring moves close considerably fast.

There are also several rune types to collect, and each has varying effects. Some runes offer mobility bonuses. Others turn players invisible for a short period. Players should consider how well their runes will meld with their gauntlets as some work better with others.

The tiers of equipment

There are four tiers of the gauntlets and equipment; common, rare, epic, legendary. The higher the level, the better the equipment. For instance, common belts provide lesser armor than legendary ones. As such, players should look for orange rarity items always.

The same goes for runes in the game. The runes have increased potency and decreased cooldown, the rarer they are.

Even in the early parts of the match, players can come across high rarity equipment, but that is if they take the risk and dive at high-tier loot areas.

Spellbreak is a tough game considering the amount of mechanics that are in it. Despite how it looks, it’s one of the tougher battle royales out there. If players can get an amazing loadout early on, their chances of winning are greatly increased.

Image used courtesy of Spellbreak/YouTube

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