‘Underwater’ review: Its Relevance in Today’s Current Events

Movies are a reflection of today’s society. Directors aim to present society through the film, and one of them is ‘Underwater‘ by William Eubank.

In this ‘Underwater’ review, a look into the newest thriller film starring Kristen Stewart, who is trying to find a way out of the submerged fort after an unexpected attack. This ‘Underwater’ review will reveal the significance of this movie in today’s happening, specifically to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Underwater plot vis-à-vis COVID-19

In an interview, William Eubank revealed that one of the shared themes of all his movies is the man vs. nature conflict. He said that having his characters fight their way through unknown elements makes it more interesting.

The filmmaker also mentioned that he sees the similarity of the Underwater in today’s event, specifically the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I love the concept of one’s greatest adversary being the place that they live in, their surroundings. Because then from that, you can go anywhere. I mean, we’re going through that right now with this crazy COVID thing, this unknown entity that came at us out of nowhere.”

Primal storytelling

Eubank also said that he loves primal storytelling. The current situation that the world is facing right now is also a primal way to tell stories to the audience. The availability of individual choices allows him to direct the film.

Back in the ‘Underwater’ review, the characters are trying their best to survive by walking into the seafloor and facing dangers caused by unknown elements.

Similarities of Underwater and COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 is the ‘big one’ no one is expecting. It had struck the world, and now the future is uncertain. This outbreak is quite similar to the Underwater, as the characters faced an unknown future with the sudden attack of elements unfamiliar to them.

The film also ended in an uncertain future. And now this pandemic is also causing doubts and uncertainties to the people of what the future may bring. Some of the Hollywood stars, such as Angelina Jolie, encouraged everyone to fight the pandemic as one.

Eubank had successfully illustrated the consequences of how the politicians dealt with such elements with his movie’ Underwater.’ Deep into this ‘Underwater’ review, it can be seen that a company wants to drill at the bottom of the ocean. Now, the politicians are looking for a way to halt the outbreak. The lives of thousands of peoples lay in their hands. Now, even big companies are struggling due to the pandemic.

Aside from this, there are other movies such as Contagion that are also relevant in today’s current events. Movies are indeed a reflection of what is happening in society. In this ‘Underwater’ review, it is clear that the malicious intention of people will cause disturbances to nature. As a terrifying result, people are currently fighting an unknown element.

Images courtesy of Bookandfilmglobe, 20thcenturystudios

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