United States records seventh continuous days of 10K new cases

The United States has recorded the seventh consecutive days of 10000 new coronavirus cases. Investing time, the world has surpassed 50 million total cases. Joe Biden advisor Michael Osterholm said that number of cases might only double. There were 111,433 new cases on Monday and 590 new deaths.

The hospitalization rate has been rising in the United States. Almost 59000 people reported the COVID-19 tracking project that records the biggest single-day spike. It’s said that South Dakota recorded the highest hospitalization rate while Illinois recorded the highest number of cases, which stood at 10,000.

Secretary of help and human services Alex Azar said, “the federal government will have enough after waxing by the end of December to have vaccinated our most vulnerable. By the end of January, there will be enough for healthcare workers and first responders. And by March and April, there will be a general vaccination program.”

Cases may rise

The health advisor to Joe Biden said that the cases might rise exponentially in the coming weeks. As per a report, Osterholm said that a storm of cases is on the surge. There is a possibility of hospitals running out of beds.

“We’re going to see by far the darkest days of this pandemic between now and next spring when the vaccine becomes available,” says Osterholm.

Hopes on Pfizer

Anthony Fauci, an important US disease expert, said that in the next week to week and a half, he expects FDA to put in for an emergency use authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. He said that he trusts his colleagues working on the vaccine. The data that is present is solid.

He further adds, “I promise you, I will take the vaccine, and I will recommend that my family take the vaccine.”

Trump’s attack on Biden

After refusing to concede from the White House, Donald Trump has tweeted a remark from his former health advisor. He tweeted quotes from a Fox Business Journalist and congressman-elect Ronny Jackson. The tweet credited Donald Trump with the possibility of a vaccine. While Trump also posted a tweet called Joe Biden an “ambulance chaser.”

Struggling States

Several states in the US are struggling to control the virus. In El Paso, Texas, officials currently have only six mobile morgues. They have asked for four more. Whereas in Ohio, officials have warned of an “unprecedented spike” in the coming weeks. In Utah, Gary Herbert warned that hospitals might see a “dire situation.” Additionally, it declared a state of emergency, issued a mandate for compulsory wearing of masks, and restricted social gatherings.


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