University In China: ‘Don’t Mention BTS!’

In a report shared on November 16, a University in China ordered a K-pop lecturer, not to mention any BTS-related information.

Per South China Morning Post, a 37-years-old Korean assistant professor at the Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute named Jeong Ah Reum is about to lecture about K-pop.

When Jeong Ah Reum was all ready for a lecture, the authorities called her attention. They told her that upon lecturing, she should exclude any mention or information relating to BTS.

The said university is a business school. Pittsburgh University from the United States and Sichuan University from China both co-founded the university.

The unsettled issues

Jeong said that she was so angry that the university authorities tried to censor her lecture. She continued that she will not practice self-censorship.

In October this year, the hate for BTS in China started. BTS accepted the Van Fleet Award that month for its contributions to the betterment of U.S.-South Korean relations.

BTS talked about how music can unite others during their speech and hoped that their music would continue to link people worldwide.

However, in RM’s speech (leader of BTS), he had mentioned the Korean War. He also talked about the sacrifices of soldiers from both the United States and South Korea had to endure.

In China, mentions of the Korean War are taboo. China had fought on North Korea’s side, during that time, against South Korea. With the unfortunate event, many Chinese soldiers lost their lives.

Chinese netizens disliking BTS

With RM’s words during the awarding, the Chinese netizens accused BTS and its leader as insensitive. They said that the Chinese soldiers lost their lives at war, and they should be respected.

Furthermore, the backlash got so intense that even Samsung China and FILA China removed all BTS-related content as ordered.

FILA China deleted all their posts with BTS while Samsung China removed the product BTS was endorsing.

Other Chinese netizens said that they were former fans of BTS. And with what was mentioned by RM, they shared videos of them burning their merchandise. They also deleted all their Weibo posts supporting BTS.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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