Unknown bug renders Samsung Blu-ray players unusable

It appears that Samsung Blu-ray players are malfunctioning due to an unknown bug. Some also reported that the devices keep on rebooting.

Thousands of Samsung Blu-ray owners took to various social media platforms to vent their ire. Reports about the issue started to surface on June 19. While the actual problem is still unknown, it appears that they have one thing in common: constant reboot.

Unknown error

As of this writing, Samsung has yet to address the issue. While there are conflicting reports about the actual nature of the bug, they have a common issue. Almost all devices are stuck in an endless loop of reboot with devices just continuously turning on and off.
Users report that their Blu-ray device will power on and then power off again after about five seconds. Devices will be stuck in this loop until they are completely plugged off of the power line.
While the endless reboot is a common occurrence, many users have reported different issues as well. One particular issue claims that the device creates noise as if it is reading a disc when none is inserted. There are also reports of completely unresponsive buttons.

It appears that the issue persists only on a couple of Blu-ray devices. Among the models reported to be affected by the issue are the DB-JM57C, HT-J5500W, and the BD-J5900.

A community manager on Samsung’s online forum has already acknowledged the issue. The community manager says that a fix is already in development. However, the company itself has yet to release an official statement about it.

The culprit

Since Samsung has yet to comment about the real cause, the actual culprit is still unknown. However, several tech experts speculate about the possible cause of the bug.

One possible cause is a buggy firmware update. Buggy updates usually result in a lot of inconveniences like this, and it has also happened in the past. However, it is important to note that the bug appears to be prevalent in older Blu-ray models.

Moreover, the South Korean tech giant does not release simultaneous firmware updates on all its devices. This possibility led many to believe that it might be due to expired SSL certificates.

Since the bug is more prevalent among old Blu-ray models, it might be due to expired SSL certificates. These certificates are required for a particular device to connect to Samsung servers. However, the company has yet to confirm the actual cause of the issue.

Image courtesy of B137/Wikimedia Commons

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