Unlocking the hardest trophies in ‘The Last of Us 2’

The Last of Us 2 has been out for a week now, and we’re sure that many players have already unlocked the platinum trophy in the game. Trophy hunters are still trying their best to get every achievement possible, but some trophies are harder to get than others.

There aren’t many trophies in The Last of Us 2and those that are hard are actually very difficult to get. Here’s a short guide on getting some of the most elusive trophies in the game.

Looks Good On You

This trophy is missable, and players can get it during the first flashback scene between Joel and Ellie. At some point in the museum, Joel gives Ellie a hat to wear. While going through the museum, players should stick to Joel as the pair goes through the dinosaur skeletons. After putting the hat on two to three skeletons, a prompt will appear to put the hat on Joel.

There are very subtle cues as to when Ellie can put the hat on Joel, so players will need to be very attentive to the dialogue. Players will know that they missed the trophy once Joel throws the hat to a tall dinosaur from the second floor.


One Abby’s first day in Seattle, she will be challenged by Manny to a shoot-off. To get Sharpshooter trophy, all players need to do is beat Manny. Since there are no time restrictions in the contest, it’s best for players to stay calm and assure that all the shots their going to take will land on the head. It’s one of the easiest hidden trophies to get in the game.

Put My Name Up

During the last flashback for Abby in the aquarium, players can get the Put My Name Up trophy. It’s basically like the Sharpshooter trophy but a bit harder.

During the scene, Abby picks up a toy bow which initiates another target shooting minigame. What makes it difficult this time around is that there will be a time restriction. Players should focus on speed over accuracy, as hitting the target isn’t all too hard. Before starting the minigame, players should locate all of the targets first so that they know where they are going. The goal is to hit all the targets before the time runs out.

These are the hardest missable trophies in The Last of Us 2If players miss out on these, they can simply go to chapter select and redo the mission easily.


Image used PlayStation/YouTube

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