Unofficial Android 11 Beta leaked to some Google Pixel phones


Google has yet to officially confirm the release of Android 11. However, a Beta version of the operating system was leaked to some Pixel smartphones.

While Google has rolled out several builds of the Android 11 Developer Preview, there is no official release yet. The tech giant plans to release the operating system’s first beta build on Wednesday. However, due to recent civil unrest in the United States, Google decides to cancel the event.

It appears that while Google did cancel the event, some Pixel phones receive the beta build. Most of these Pixel phones are part of the Android Beta Program. Carrying a build number RPB1.2000504.018, the update describes it as “beta version of Android R.”

Android 11 Beta information

The leaked build is a pre-release version of the Android 11 operating system. This means that the build may contain errors and glitches. The main purpose of a beta build is to discover the bugs and fix it.

The entire beta build has a download size of 736MB. Following the unceremonious release of the build, many in the tech community discover several new features.

A developer preview of the upcoming operating system has been circulating in the community for months now. The recent leak confirms some of the upcoming features of Android R. Among which is the Smart Hotseat feature for the Pixel Launcher.

The beta builds of Android R also adds a new “app suggestions” feature for the Pixel Launcher dock. This particular feature is previously accessible on the app drawer’s top draw. It appears that Google is moving this feature right into the main home screen.

Exciting new features

It appears that Google is bringing in new and exciting features to its upcoming operating system update. For one, there is a new media control system called “media resumption” which is located in the quick settings. Not much is known about its functions, but many suggest it has to do with media playback.

Another new feature hidden deep in the update is the addition of submenu for Bubble notifications. Access to this can be done through the Apps and Notifications settings. Users can toggle this setting if they want to receive Bubble notifications.

The leak did not contain a changelog, so the entirety of the update is still unknown. Additionally, Google has yet to confirm when it plans to officially roll out Android 11. Many in the tech community expect the update to arrive before the end of the year.

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