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Unreleased iPod Touch with glossy black finish leak


Apple’s glossy black finishes have similarly been criticized for durability. The unreleased iPod Touch is a prototype Apple accessory, and we’re just getting a preview.

An unreleased photo of the first-gen iPod Touch has been leaked through the Twitter account “DongleBookPro.” In his tweet, he described the iPod Touch prototype as having “the same coating as the 2013 Mac Pro.”

A glossy black finish

The prototype iPod Touch that has been leaked comes with a glossy black finish. If this is true and had been chosen as the final output, then this would be the first metallic glossy finish in black.

Way back in 2013, during WWDC, it was announced that the Mac Pro comes in a glossy black finish with a cylindrical re-aesthetic. Many enthusiasts are divided over Apple’s announcement dubbing this iPod Touch a trash can Mac Pro forever.

Since then, black has been Apple’s language in terms of redesigning its devices. If you remember, the iPhone 3G ended up with this glossy and black aesthetic. The same goes for iPhone 7 jet black.

The first iPod Touch First Generation was released in September 2007. With the advent of this prototype device, you will easily notice that there is no Apple logo bearing on the rear part resulting in varying the result of the product. But it manages to retain the plastic cut-out on the top left side.

It also retained the 30-pin connector and lock button. Apple opted to have a mirror-finish of the back part, similar to its kin iPod models.

Scratch prone?

Though the design could be defined as sleek, it could also spell for micro-scratches. It was criticized due to this. From the maker itself, users have been warned of the susceptibility of iPhone 7 Jet Black to “fine micro-abrasions” and so suggested putting a case on the phone. Only this color was given a caution.

The caveat was put on a footnote in their release, telling the magazine that the iPhone 7 jet black, though shiny and glossy, is prone to micro-abrasions. They even suggested putting an iPhone case for protection.

Apple has been investing in a glossy black finish to its other devices. The Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 aside from the 2013 Mac Pro are the best examples. To date, only SpaceX’s Black Apple Watch is still available on the market in glossy black.

Today, many of the available iPod Touch that is available in the market, in terms of design, are inspired by the current iPhone models with a matte finish on the back. Multiple colors such as Gold, Pink, Blue, Space Grey, and Red are available for this device.

User @DongleBookPro regularly posts images of Apple devices and prototypes that are not officially released. You may want to check his social media accounts to stay updated regarding the latest and unreleased devices.

Image used courtesy of James Chia/YouTube Screenshot
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