‘Untitled Goose Game’ physical copy arriving this September

Untitled Goose Game physical copy arriving this September

Untitled Goose Game is finally arriving in physical form this September. The interesting game has been out last year. But it is only now that it will be available in retail stores.

Panic, Inc and House House released the game last year. The Untitled Goose Game quickly made a name in the gaming world due to its fun and quirky gameplay. Unfortunately, physical game collectors do not have the means to cop the game back then.

The game is available on PC through Epic Games and on the Nintendo Switch via its eShop. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies are bought online as well.

This time, iam8bit has announced that a physical copy of the game is arriving in two months. People who love collecting physical games now have a way to purchase the game.

Untitled Goose Game is going eco-friendly

The physical copy is coming on September 29. This version will have a fold-out map of the village. It also includes a “No Goose” sticker. There is also a Plaza “catalog” where all the items are listed.

House House is releasing two versions of the physical copy. The standard edition is just the base game itself.

There is the “Lovely Edition” arriving soon. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

It will include a standard case with eco-friendly shrink-wrap for the Switch copy. PlayStation 4 owners will arrive in a 100% post-consumer materials.

Iam8bit is putting up a vinyl copy of the game’s soundtrack. In relation to the eco-friendly theme that is going on, the vinyl copy is made of reclaimed vinyl. The case is made out of recyclable materials as well. Purchasing this copy also helps the Carbon Fund program.

Untitled Goose Game is a fun and quirky game

Easy to understand gameplay

There are a lot of games released last year. But, Untitled Goose Game is one of the most interesting ones.

The gameplay is fairly simple. Players take the role of a mischievous goose. The end goal is to solve a puzzle while creating chaos.

There is a list of instructions that need to be accomplished. The instructions may be accomplished by honking, ducking down, running, flapping the wings, or by grabbing objects to disturb villagers.

There are several areas inside the game. Each area has different instructions that need to be completed. Once a certain area is clear, the other objectives appear. The goose may then move on to a different area after.

Players may repeat the missions after the game. However, the challenges are tougher and harder to finish.

What makes the Untitled Goose Game worth getting?

The game is very fun and interactive. Controls are easy to understand and the whole game can be finished within one day.

However, the naughty goose is what keeps players hooked. It is playful enough to keep a person asking for more.

Players also have a lot of freedom inside the game. It is easy to stray away from the instructions and just mess with the villagers.

There is a level guide to see what needs to be accomplished. But, there is no fun in that. The fun lies in exploring the game and what moves can disturb a villager more.

It is also a great stress reliever as creating chaos in the village evokes a lot of laughter and fun.

Untitled Goose Game is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Going physical or digital?

The Untitled Goose Game is currently available for US$7.99 [AU$11.25] on the Epic Games Store. Getting it on the Nintendo Switch is more expensive at $19.99.

There is not much difference in-game between the physical and the digital copy. However, the physical copy might be worth getting for players who collect boxes and game cases.

The eco-friendly theme is great and all. But, purchasing the digital copy of the game is another way to reduce trash.

Going physical or digital does not really matter. What matters is The Untitled Goose Game will surely bring a lot of fun to players.

All images used courtesy of Untitled Goose Game/Nintendo Switch

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