‘Untitled Goose Game’ to receive two-player mode next month

Untitled Goose Game to receive two-player mode next month

Untitled Goose Game doubles the mayhem next month. House House has announced that the puzzle game is receiving a two-player update this September.

The first release of the game only has a single-player mode. But, the potential for a multiplayer Untitled Goose Game is high. Finally, the developers bit the temptation and created a two-player mode.

Besides the game update on September 23, House House revealed that the Steam version would arrive on the same day. Indie game lovers will be able to download the game through Itch.

What is new besides the two annoying geese?

The game mode is very similar to the classic version. But, with the addition of an extra goose.

Players may honk their way into solving puzzles and create havoc for the lonely villagers.

The update is all about having fun with an extra player. There are no hidden levels or additional features to be unlocked.

However, the two-player mode may make it easier for some to solve the puzzles. There are some stages that are quite tricky to complete when playing alone. Having a friend makes it easier to finish the game.

Eco-friendly physical copy coming soon

Loyal honkers are in for another surprise next month. Iam8bit has recently announced that a physical copy of the game is arriving soon.

The upcoming copy is not just a boxed version of the game. It includes a vinyl soundtrack and a physical map of the whole village.

The copy will arrive in eco-friendly packaging for the Nintendo Switch version. PlayStation 4 players will receive the Untitled Goose Game package in a 100% post-consumer materials box.

Featured image used courtesy of Untitled Goose Game/Nintendo

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