Up-and-coming survival game Icarus shows important information with new trailer

Icarus trailer during E3 presentation

E3 had just launched its PC Gaming Show which, among others, gives audiences new information about the developing title, Icarus.

In development by DayZ creator, Dean Hall, and his developing team at Rocketwerkz, Icarus is a survival game with a twist. The game takes place in an Earth-like environment whose being was borne from the effects of an unsuccessful terraforming. While inhabitable, the planet has also become a host to life-threatening elements. Specifically, harsh ambient conditions, sickness, and fierce creatures.

Familiar Gameplay

Sharing some gameplay elements from titles like The Forest and The Long Dark, the game places emphasis on exploration, hunts, and harvests. But the game more than just copies exciting gameplay elements and calling them its own. Interestingly, it also puts a twist to the overall concept by highlighting a sense of urgency into it. Particularly, by pitting players under time constraints towards an objective with future benefits.

With urgency as a critical factor, players are encouraged to play with much prudence in every minute spent in the game. This meant making every decision that significantly contributes towards the goal, which mostly implies gathering many resources. However, this only makes it sound easier than it actually is. With detriments in place that players have to keep into mind, learning how to survive is equally as important.

Risk and Reward

As seen in the video, the setting takes place in a sometimes-sub-zero environment whose extreme colds presents its own danger. Venturing into the wilds is also as perilous as well, thanks to the existence of beasts. Few, in particular, are bears that roam the land in search of prey or food.

But the real danger, and one that sets the length of the player’s stay, is the spreading toxins in the place. Whether the representation is literal by nature, like PUBG’s shrinking map, one thing is certain: time is not infinite.

What makes Icarus extra special and not just another run-of-the-mill survival title is its sci-fi aspect. Players are specifically sent into the planet to source materials for the purpose of research that they’ll eventually benefit from. This meant developing new technology for certain quality-of-life improvements that make subsequent adventures more certain to succeed. That is, considering that right requirements are met. The game essentially rewards productivity and those who make the most from the endeavor generates the greatest rewards.

Icarus is set for full release on August 11, 2021, but pre-orders are now ongoing.

Image used courtesy of PC Gamer/YouTube Screenshot

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