UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok talked about debut in ‘Twenty-Twenty’

UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok graced an interview where he talked about his acting debut in Twenty-Twenty.

Twenty-Twenty tells the story of six young people who are on the verge of tackling adulthood’s difficult questions. Kim Woo Seok had his first acting role in the drama as the lonely Lee Hyun Jin, a child whose parents always prioritized work over family.

The creators of the romantic drama Twenty-Twenty are from the hit drama A-TEEN.

“Twenty-Twenty” is a hit drama

The ongoing hit drama airs on jTBC and also released online, raking over 30 million views online. The drama instant rose its popularity since the pilot episode.

Kim Woo Seok humbly commented that he was surprised by how the viewers show their love for the drama. He added that it is because of the viewers who made the series get a good start.

The production team and the actor hoped that they would continue to show love and support for Twenty-Twenty. Undoubtedly, the drama will surely be more fun in the upcoming episodes.

First acting career of Kim Woo Seok

Considering that Twenty-Twenty is Kim Woo Seok’s first acting stunt, he shared that he prepared so much for his solo debut. He said that there was a sudden urge to develop and try acting for the first time. It so happened that he could see the drama’s plot and landed the work for the first time.

He further shared that he got his most wanted role out of all the projects he considered through the drama. He extends his gratefulness to the production staff as well.

The Pressure

As far as it is intimidating to have his acting debut in a leading role, Kim Woo Seok stated that he also felt the pressure. For the time being, he is working hard to be in perfect shape for the character as much as possible to show the viewers the best craft.

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