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Upcoming 5nm Huawei chipset is bigger than that of Apple


A tech tipster recently hinted that the upcoming 5nm Huawei chipset would be significantly bigger than the Apple A14 Bionic chipset.

Aside from the size, the tipster also said that the Huawei chipset would be more expensive than the Apple chipset. This leaves the tech community wondering whether the Huawei hardware will be faster than its contemporaries.

A powerful chipset from Huawei

The Huawei Kirin 1020 chipset which is expected to power some of the tech giant’s upcoming flagship devices. The chipset is manufactured using the latest 5nm process and boasts high-end performance and efficiency. However, there is one caveat to all these features—the chipset will be expensive.

The closest comparison to the new Huawei chipset is the Apple A14 Bionic chipset. The new chipset from Apple is expected to power its upcoming line of ARM-powered MacBooks. The tech giant recently confirmed that it is severing its ties with Intel in favor of its in-house chipsets.

Rumors claim that the new Huawei chipset will utilize the ARM A78 performance cores. These are some of the best performing chips that are currently available in the market. They are also well-regarded for their exceptional power efficiency.

Despite these favorable views, there is still some skepticism around the upcoming Huawei chipset. It is important to note that most vanilla ARM chipsets cannot keep up with their Apple counterparts. This all boils down to some customization that the company does to its chipsets.

Some minor details

Apple is known to focus heavily on the graphics aspect when developing its chipsets. For this reason, the company’s chipsets are well-regarded for their exceptional graphics performance.

Huawei may have done its customization and optimization with its own Kirin 1020 to close the gap with Apple. However, some tech analysts have pointed out that the new Kirin has a bigger die area. Despite this, some analysts are still leaning towards Apple when it comes to performance and efficiency.

Considering the larger die area of the new Kirin, it might outperform some of the current leaders in the market. Top on the list is the Snapdragon 875 from Qualcomm. If this is possible, the Kirin will be the leader in the Android chipset market, at least in performance.

The new Huawei chipset is from a notable silicon manufacturer HiSilicon. Even if the new chipset is significantly powerful than its contemporaries, there are still a lot of factors here. One crucial factor is the fact that the Google Android platform does not fully support Huawei devices.

Featured image courtesy of Omid Armin/Unsplash

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